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Big data problems are often complex to analyze and solve. The sheer volume, velocity, and variety of the data make it difficult to extract information and business insight.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse Modernization is about building on an existing data warehouse infrastructure, leveraging big data technologies to ´augment´ its capabilities.

Data Migrations

There are many challenges in both the replication and switchover steps. For replication, the challenges were in developing a system that could handle the size of the warehouse.

Deploy & Manage

Develop and host your applications on cloud. Scale as you go with highly elastic cloud deployment. Get managed services and focus on the application to increase your productivity.

ETL Solutions

When it comes to analysis, process will start with ETL. Earn time for analytics by employing us to handle ETL for you. We provide you solutions in simplest possible way.

IoT Platforms

Create your world of connected devices and humans with your custom IoT platform. We work on advanced protocols to bring almost everything to a platform.


Technologies we use.

We have diverse collective experience in a range of data frameworks and platforms. We develop in cutting edge languages, our solutions leverage the tool-kits and systems that best fit the distinct needs of the client.

Use Cases

Event processing with Kafka and Storm

An event processing pipeline, each stage is a purpose-built step that performs some real-time processing against upstream event streams for downstream analysis. This produces increasingly richer event streams, as data flows through the pipeline.

Telecom CDR Analytics using Kafka and Spark

Telecom Industry brought up an opportunity to work on data; big in terms of volume and velocity. A huge amount of data is produces by telecom industry at a very high velocity. This data is increasing rapidly as telecommunication is spreading rapidly.We are serving telecom companies form different parts of China and Japan.


About XenonDigiLabs

XenonDigiLabs started its journey in January 2012 with a simple idea to solve Real-Time Analytics for Telecom KPI's and explore the potential of Cloud Computing and Big Data. The team was built from scratch by delivering 75 sessions in different colleges on Cloud Computing, Big Data, and AI. Around 300 People were trained on these technologies till 2015 and then we shifted our focus on delivering Solutions and Products.


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